GotMercy Weekly Sermons from Mike Nelson of Mercy Vineyard Church in Raleigh, North Carolina

April 9, 2017  

Jesus proclaims that He has completed the work the Father gave Him to do while He was here on earth.   There is nothing left for Him to accomplish.  He has come as a light so that people can choose not to live in darkness . . . He has come seeking and saving lost people who are frustrated and confused on where to turn for answers about eternal life.   And He has offered His sinless, perfect life as a sacrifice for our sin, satisfying the justice of God the Father and providing a path of Mercy for all who will accept it.
    Those who believe and trust in Jesus can rest.   There is nothing needed to earn acceptance with God.    There is no need to strive to be good enough.  All good works are necessary -- there is much work to be done -- but those works are offered in thanksgiving and gratitude only.   It is finished

April 2, 2017  

When the bible speaks of intense longing and desire it often uses the metaphors of hunger and thirst.  Psalm 42 is a familiar example ... the deer pants for streams of water ...

In this 5th word Jesus demonstrates His humanity.  The church believes Jesus' self revelation that He is fully God and fully man which is vital theology on multiple levels.

Jesus is also also expressing His inexpressible longing to be re-united with The Father Who turned away from Him on the cross as Jesus became sin and endured wrath and just punishment in our place.

March 26, 2017  

Jesus quotes Psalm 22 which was spoken by King David describing the crucifixion in detail 1000 years before Jesus' death on the cross. Jesus utters what many suffering people verbalize or at least think in their hearts as they pray and hear only silence.

March 19, 2017  

Jesus, suffocating and bleeding out on the cross, sees His mother.  Loving her to the end He entrusts her to the Apostle John (Gospel of John chapter 19 verses 25-27).  And loving us to the end Jesus gives us the gift of a new family ... one that is entered into through a spiritual rebirth by the power of God (Gospel of John chapter 1 verses 9-13).

March 12, 2017  

Jesus' second word from the Cross is the word of Salvation.  On His right and on His left were 2 murdering thieves justly being put to death for their crimes.  Matthew tells us they both started off mocking Jesus and hurling insults at Him.  But one man had a change of heart -- he cries out to Jesus as Savior (Yeshua) asking Him to "remember" (ACT on his behalf) when Jesus comes into His Kingdom.  This passage teaches us the danger of a mocking spirit and that salvation is a GIFT unable to be earned or deserved.  

Yet how is it that one thief dies mocking in unbelief while the other dies professing faith when both men have equal access to Jesus there on the cross?!

March 5, 2017  

Word #1 -- Father, Forgive Them For They Do Not Know What They Are Doing
Luke 23:33-38 records the first statement Jesus utters while bearing the sins of the world and suffering crucifixion.  While most uttered curses and pleas for pity while dying, Jesus' first words are a prayer . . . a prayer of forgiveness for enemies, for those who are indifferent, for those who are atheistic.  Father, forgive.  The Greek language tells us that Jesus prayed this prayer many times while dying on the cross -- a prayer of forgiveness for Pilate who sentenced to death an innocent man . . . a prayer for Judas who betrayed him for 30 pieces of silver . . . a prayer for the Roman soldiers who mocked Him, beat Him, spit in His face, and mercilessly pounded spikes through His wrists and ankles . . . and a prayer for you and me that we would turn from the insanity of sin and rebellion and indifference and find life through Jesus.

February 26, 2017  

Jesus seeks out and initiates contact with one sick man who had been paralyzed for 38 years.  Why this one man amidst so many sick people?  John 5:19-21

Jesus then asks him an obvious, rhetorical question ... do you want to get well?  Why ask that question?

Later Jesus searches him out again and tells him to stop sinning so nothing worse will happen to him.  Is there always a CAUSE and EFFECT relationship between sin and affliction/illness?

Listen and wrestle with this passage ...

February 19, 2017  

In the book of Nehemiah, God's people worked together side by side to rebuild the city of Jerusalem and its broken-down walls.

Then they dedicated Jerusalem to the Lord.  In chapter 3 Nehemiah specifically lists the people who worked on the city and its wall.

Today we dedicate our new building to God and give thanks for all the people who have worked so hard to get it ready as a place of worship!

February 5, 2017  

As Joshua watched Moses encounter God's Presence, a hook was put in his heart and he began staying in the tent of meeting long after Moses had left (Exodus 33:11).

As a result Joshua was raised up by God to a new level of spiritual authority and called to lead Israel into the Promised Land. With a casual reading it may appear that Joshua's greatest accomplishment was conquering Jericho ... but not so.  God's greatest accomplishment was the salvation of a prostitute named Rahab!  (Joshua 2)

It all begins in the tent!

January 29, 2017  

Sermon Series "Heros".  In life, we all get dealt a specific "hand".  For some it is a great hand ... a stable family, little trauma, financial stability.  But for others the hand they get dealt is a "losing" hand including things like abuse, divorce, financial hardship, addiction.

Josiah was dealt a very bad hand as a child with a wicked grandfather and a wicked father who ruled as kings and did great evil in God's eyes.  Josiah could have followed in their footsteps, but he did not.  Josiah chose to follow the Lord bringing renewal to the entire nation of Israel!


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