GotMercy Weekly Sermons from Mike Nelson of Mercy Vineyard Church in Raleigh, North Carolina

April 9, 2017  

Jesus proclaims that He has completed the work the Father gave Him to do while He was here on earth.   There is nothing left for Him to accomplish.  He has come as a light so that people can choose not to live in darkness . . . He has come seeking and saving lost people who are frustrated and confused on where to turn for answers about eternal life.   And He has offered His sinless, perfect life as a sacrifice for our sin, satisfying the justice of God the Father and providing a path of Mercy for all who will accept it.
    Those who believe and trust in Jesus can rest.   There is nothing needed to earn acceptance with God.    There is no need to strive to be good enough.  All good works are necessary -- there is much work to be done -- but those works are offered in thanksgiving and gratitude only.   It is finished

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