GotMercy Weekly Sermons from Mike Nelson of Mercy Vineyard Church in Raleigh, North Carolina

April 23, 2017  

The Apostle Paul's letter to the Galatians, Part 1, The Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ

Paul begins his letter to a group of churches in Turkey (which he founded) by reminding them of two of the greatest gifts received through faith in Jesus . . . Grace and Peace.  Grace is the unique gift of God offering us unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance and eternal life.   It is a gift that cannot be earned.  Peace is the cessation of hostility and alienation with God caused by our sin, as well as an internal calm and well being that can be experienced even when the storms of life are raging all around us.

The Galatians began their relationship with Jesus by fully embracing His Grace and receiving His Spirit.  But, "false brethren" came in preaching Grace AND additional requirements . . . circumcision, following dietary laws among others and thereby perverted and distorted the Good News of Grace.  Paul writes to call the Galatians back to where they began . . . in Grace living by the power of the Jesus' Spirit.

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