GotMercy Weekly Sermons from Mike Nelson of Mercy Vineyard Church in Raleigh, North Carolina

April 30, 2017  

Amazing Grace -- Paul's Letter to the Churches in Galatia / Turkey
Chapter 1, Verses 11-24

The Apostle Paul spent much of his life seeking to earn God's approval and acceptance through obedience to the law.  That striving led him into deception, thinking that violent persecution of Christians and the Church was actually service to God.   But then God intervened and transformed Paul's life!   Paul's encounter with Jesus brought a complete life change -- Paul was converted.  One of the profound changes is seen in Paul's passion and commitment to tell others about the love and Grace offered through Jesus.  That passion is a reflection of the very heart of Jesus who came to seek and to save lost people.   Are you converted?   Do you have that same passion to share the good news you've found in Jesus?

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