GotMercy Weekly Sermons from Mike Nelson of Mercy Vineyard Church in Raleigh, North Carolina

January 14, 2018  

Introduction to the Lord's Prayer ... Matthew 6:1-8

Prayer can be a frustrating spiritual endeavor. One day, likely because of their own frustration, the disciples came to Jesus and said: Lord, teach us to pray! (Luke 11). They had heard the intimacy Jesus shared with the Father. They had seen the Kingdom of God manifest when Jesus prayed ... healing, new faith, miracles, authority over evil. They wanted to know how to pray!

Jesus gives instruction first on how not to pray calling us to check our motives.

December 31, 2017  

The Christian relationship has often been compared to a foot race, a race in which it is important to begin well, but it it far more important to run well and finish well.  The Apostle Paul was able to say at the end of his life that he had run and finished well (2nd Timothy 4:7-8).  Paul also offers direction on how to run well in his letter to the Philippian Church -- Philippians 3:12-13.  He tells us it is important to leave the past in the past . . . no regrets, no unnecessary baggage being dragged into the future.  We are to instead STRAIN forward making every effort to grow, mature, and make progress spiritually.

December 24, 2017  

William Dix was an insurance salesman until he suddenly became deathly ill and bedridden.  On his deathbed William began to read the New Testament and learned about Jesus and the hope He offers.  Faith filled his heart and he became a Christ-follower!  Soon after his conversion his health was restored and he began to write Christmas Carols.  William wrote "What Child is This?"  That is the most important question at Christmas!  Who is Jesus?  Many say Jesus was just a great teacher or a prophet like John the Baptist.  But Jesus and the New Testament do not allow that limited perspective.  Jesus is called Immanuel, which means God is with us.  That is the truth and the mystery of the "Incarnation", that God took on flesh and lived among us to show the way to forgiveness and eternal life.

December 17, 2017  

December 17th, The 4th Sunday in Advent, LOVE

The Apostle John tells us that God is LOVE (1st John 4:8).  In fact, John was so overcome by the LOVE of Jesus that he began referring to himself as "the one Jesus loved" (See the Gospel of John, chapter 13, 19, 21 etc).  His identity was in the knowledge and experience of Jesus' LOVE for him.

We encounter or experience the LOVE of Christ in two primary ways . . . 1. we experience Jesus' LOVE through others kindness and mercy towards us (1st John 4:7);   and 2. we experience the LOVE of Jesus through the Holy Spirit Who pours the LOVE of our Heavenly Father into our hearts (Romans 5:5).   This is written with the hope that you may know and experience the amazing love of Jesus!

December 10, 2017  

3rd Sunday in Advent -- Experiencing the Joy found only in knowing Jesus.
Psalm 16; Ephesians 2:11-13

When the Kingdom of God breaks into our lives through a genuine physical healing, or a powerful release from something or someone who has bound and enslaved us, or simply when we encounter Jesus and the salvation He offers, the common reaction is great Joy!  There is nothing like the experience of God's joy ...

December 3, 2017  

2nd Sunday in Advent ... God's promise and offer of PEACE.  Luke 2:6-14

Humanity has a life-threatening problem ... all have sinned and rebelled against a holy and pure Creator placing all of us in a position of being God's enemy (Colossians 1:21).  As a result of that hostility there is a barrier, a wall between us and God.

Jesus came to remove that wall and reconcile men and women to God through the cross.  Jesus is the Prince of Peace, the source of peace with God. Through the cross our relationship with God is restored and healed!  (Romans 5:1).

November 26, 2017  

1st Day in Advent ... a time of preparation and expectation of encountering Jesus.

Luke Chapter 1 -- Holding onto our Living Hope in an age of increasing despair.  The example of Elisabeth.

November 19, 2017  

Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you ... the Apostle Paul, 1st Thessalonians 5:18

In our culture we see so much negativity, so much thanklessness.  The virtue of gratitude and thankfulness is highly valued by God. It is only right to bless God for His goodness and recognize that all we have is a gift from His generous hand!

November 12, 2017  

Gospel of John 5:19-20

Jesus said He could do only what His Father was doing. He also said that He knew His Father loved Him and would show Him what He was doing.

Jesus went on to say (John 15:5 & 9) that we too should learn to do what the Father is doing ... and that we can be confident that our heavenly Father will tell and show us all He is doing because Jesus loves us!

October 29, 2017  

The Problem of Pain and Suffering ... The Book of Job Chapter 3.

Job has been suffering for a long time at this point.  Chronic pain changes people.  Now Job begins to vent revealing in a raw way that he is deeply depressed. This is one of the reasons God included this book in the scriptures ... because so many encounter the emotional malaise labeled depression.

This message centers on this common affliction.


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